Adventurous Quests in Israel

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  • Are you planning a trip to Israel alone or with a group?
  • Are you a travel agent and looking for something special for your clients in Israel?
  • Do you live in Israel and love historical adventures?
  • Are you hungry for adventures?
    You are at the right place!

We are honoured to present a brand new type of outdoor activities in Israel, mainly in Tel-Aviv and Jaffa.

We invite you to join us in the most interesting quest right in the heart of ancient Jaffa, which is more than 4000 years old, or in a relatively “young”, Tel Aviv, which is only a little over 100 years! Every house, every street here “breathes” history, legends, parables about different times, and most importantly – about real people who lived here in different times.

Our quests are unique development, based on extensive experience in tourism, a thorough knowledge of history, routes, and programs.  
Each quest will be carefully selected and developed for your group specific interests. The duration of the quest is from 1 to 3 hours. The cost of the quest depends not only on a given budget, but also on the complexity of the route, equipment and the number of staff involved.

All participants will receive a distinctive sign of his/her group, and will be provided with the necessary equipment. Upon agreement with the group leader, there can be a reward for the winning team.  

Whether you are a tourist visiting beautiful Israel or a local adventure lover, event planner of any type of family celebrations or corporate team-building planner, you are in the right place to book your quest of a life-time! 

Competition is an important part of any quest. We will divide your group into teams with 10-15 participants in each group.
There can be 2, 3 or even 5 groups. If there are a large number of groups, the time of escape may be different and against the clock.

ATTENTION! New offer! We are excited to offer a quest with our mobile application. The minimum number of participants is 1! Check your knowledge and try your luck!

Our quests

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The Port of Jaffa.
Legends and the truth
Spices of Israel.
The Levinsky Market
Hungry tourist
The Bar/Bat mitzvah
in Old Jaffa
For kids (age 10-16)
Travel in
Holy Land
From the Pharaoh
to Napoleon
Family quest
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5, Brener str., Tel Aviv, Israel


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