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    Quest start
    Carmel Market Entrance
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    Level of difficulty
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    90 min
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    from 4 and above
    Number of participants

A quest for those who love oriental markets, and the shopping itself.

You’d better come to the Carmel Market early in the morning, while the sellers are just placing their goods. Looking smart, preferably wearing dark glasses, you should walk twice up and down along the completely empty rows while there are no buyers with “carmelites” (huge stroller bags designed to crush idlers’ legs). Carelessly approach the counter with olives, and as if you are doing a favour, buy black olives in wine sauce! Make sure, they should be from the very bottom of the can!
Then go to Grisha’s shop to buy cheese. Find one special kind of cheese, slightly crumbly, with piquant smell. Head to greengrocer’s counter and take a few twigs of cilantro, parsley and an irit leaf.

Then go to the wine store and buy a 0.7 bottle of Shiraz. Remember that you need to buy it quickly – walk into the shop, spot a bottle on the shelf, silently poke it with your finger and pay up. Get bottle under your armpit to warm it. Oddly enough, Shiraz is nice when warmed.
The last thing you need is bread! Forget about French baguette! Dark bread with caraway seeds – that is what you need.
Now, you are well set for a heavenly morning. After having a snack, you are ready for Carmel Market quest – the quest of adventure. Enjoyment should be preserved!

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