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Jaffa or Joppa is an ancient Jewish land. For four thousand years Jews have lived here, left, expelled, returned, lived and left this city again.
What always attracted them here? Right, the proximity of the most sacred city for the Jews –
Jerusalem, which was only 4 days away from Jaffa (and now 30 minutes by car!).
But before, most pilgrims arrived by sea and Jaffa was the main harbour and “sea gate” of the Holy Land. Which means there was always something to do. And if Jerusalem prayed, then Jaffa worked: unloading and loading cargo, providing pilgrims with transport (usually donkeys or for horses VIPs), escorting to Jerusalem, the maintenance of permanent yards for overnight stays, trade, services of the first banks (since XI century – merchants from Venice and Genoa exchanged here numerous European currencies and lent money).

Quite “recently” in the XIX century, the national idea of returning Jews to their historic homeland, significantly revived the port. But not only Zionist Jews came here, Germans Templers (not to confuse with Templars) built here their own town called Sarona, American colonists came here with their own prefabricated houses and settle near Jaffa. At the beginning of the XX century, Jews from Eastern Europe came here, holders of “vouchers” giving the right to build on the empty dunes … Jaffa was no longer able to accommodate all residents and the construction of a new city, which later would be called Tel Aviv, started. We will stroll through the first streets of Tel Aviv and, in a fascinating form of a quest, solve some of the riddles left to us by the first Zionist settlers.

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